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The Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Arts Educators supports the work of Visual Arts educators in New Zealand through advocacy and representation, communication, professional learning, sharing and developing knowledge.

What does ANZAAE do?

Organise a National conference for Visual Arts educators

Provide national representation on issues for Visual Arts educators

Facilitate the Level 3 NCEA folio sharing project

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(+64 3) 941 7373



B. is the online home of Bulletin magazine. It's a place for ideas, experiments, opinions. Here you can read about current issues in art from our curators and a whole host of other experts, and find great video and audio interviews with artists. It's also the home of our Gallery blog.

Ara Institute of Canterbury

Ara is a vibrant, progressive, government-funded tertiary institute providing world-class, tertiary-level education throughout the Canterbury and Waitaki region.

The School of Fine Arts offers a boutique-style education in both the practical field of fine arts and the wider liberal arts. The ability to specialise in one of the five disciplines - design, film, painting, photography and sculpture - is unique within New Zealand. Staff are all practising designers or artists with established reputations. Our graduates are highly employable with lateral thinking skills as well as solid organisation skills.

Ilam Campus Gallery

The Ilam Campus Gallery is open 9am-4pm Monday-Friday and can be found in Block Two, School of Fine Arts.

The Casting Room + Ir2 Gallery

The Casting Room, our student exhibition space, is located in Block Three, School of Fine Arts.

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